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English Session

Preparing for International Classes, Chief of STIE TN, Mr. Iwan Darmawansyah motivate all of staff and some teacher or dean to learn english again. To realise it STIE TN has invite an english teacher. The teacher name is Mr. Yusar Mikail. He speak english like native. Beside english, he is able to speak Deutch. It’s fun to speak english again. Some staff felt nervous. So, because all of us have to be upgraded, we need to learn hard.

“It’s so difficult, but I enjoy it”, Mr. Waryo said.


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3 comments on “English Session

  1. Fuad Muftie
    Juni 14, 2007

    For you who want to learn english in a cheap way, I have one tip. I use MP3 player to practice my listening in English. I learn how one native speaker make a speech and I try to imitate the speech. I used it in my spare time, in the morning and at night or when I found i have nothing to do, i just take my mp3 player and listen.

    And guess what, my toefl score increase very significant.

    I think this is the way child / baby learn to talk, he listen first than imitate the adults.

    Fuad Muftie
    correct me if you find error on my writing.

  2. Kang Tutur
    Juni 14, 2007

    Thank for the tip Mr. Fuad. Could you inform me where can I get Free download the english lesson MP3, please? Is that free?

  3. Fuad Muftie
    Juni 14, 2007

    Sorry I never downloaded english lessons from internet. Perhaps you can aks mr google. What I’ve did: I bought one set of english lesson cassette from Gram**** book store (It’s cheap isn’t it?) then I copied it into mp3 using my computer.

    Thank’s, rgds

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